With any job, it is important to conduct some research before diving headfirst into a new field. Taking the time out to make sure that this job field is the right move for you is an important step because you do not want to waste your time or the time of the people around you. The same can be said when you are considering going to work for a moving company. There are both pros and cons to every job, so here are some things that you should keep in mind if you are considering being hired by a moving company.

Research The Best Companies Around Your Area

Everyone dreams of working for a good company. Don’t ever undervalue yourself and settle for less. Anyone can start a career as a mover, but it takes a good company that knows how to handle its employees for you to enjoy a healthy working environment. That’s why if you want to land that dream job, then you should do some research first about which companies are best for new recruits.

For example, Indiana’s top-rated moving and storage companies always follow a streamlined onboarding process for their rookies. You might not get to enjoy this luxury in smaller, much less prominent companies. On top of that, the overall experience with the teams is just nice and homely. If you’re interested in working with the best, you may want to check out:

  • Leaders Moving & Storage: This staple of Midwestern moves has locations across Ohio as well as one in Indianapolis. Since 1994, this company has completed 160,000+ residential and commercial moves. As an employee of Leaders, you can expect a positive working environment, with competitive wages, health insurance, and paid vacation days, among other perks. Find out more by visiting the company’s career page.
  • Colt Moving: Based in Indianapolis, Colt Moving offers local moves in the metro area as well as out-of-state moving, plus packing, cleaning, and reusable moving bin rentals. The company is always seeking out top talent to join its crew of motivated, professional movers.
  • Planes Moving & Storage: Planes Moving & Storage has three locations in Ohio, as well as a location in Chicago and another in Indianapolis. This large regional moving company has been named a top employer by the Cincinnati Enquirer for five years in a row. Planes offers a variety of positions from office administrators to on-the-ground crew members and seasonal help. For more info, see here.

The more time you spend researching, the better your chances of getting landing a good company with the right manpower and staff resources. Learning how to compare each moving company can give you an edge over others who might be applying for the same position with them.

Physical Aspects

Without a doubt, there is definitely a physical aspect of working for a moving company. People have a lot of furniture that needs to be moved from one place to another, including bed frames, tables, and desks, couches, dressers, etc. There are also a lot of boxes that are moved from one house to another. Along with your physical aspects, your body also needs to be capable of a lot of endurance. Movers can work long hours, which can end up taking a serious toll on your body.

Customer Service

Movers have to have good customer service skills since they are consistently interacting with the family they are moving for. Some customers have severely descriptive requests, and it is up to the moving company to follow those instructions to a tee. Some customers can obviously be more difficult than others, so it is important to treat each customer with the same amount of patience and respect, no matter what treatment they may put you through.

Sense of Teamwork

Movers clearly work on a team. It would be next to impossible to move an entire family’s belongings by your lonesome. There are a lot of people working on the moving team, including the driver of the van, the leader, and the rest of the crew. While it is essential that you know how to properly interact with the customers, you also need to be able to positively interact with your team and bring a positive attitude to the table. It is important to create a sense that others want to work around you on a daily basis.

Need to be Organized

Working as a mover is actually a job where someone who is known as a hoarder and packrat comes into play in a good way. Being able to pack someone’s belongings into the truck in one move so they can save a couple of bucks will go a long way in making your customer happy. If you have experience making things fit into places where they normally wouldn’t then you will excel at packing up a family’s belongings and placing them onto the moving truck.

Hiring Process

Moving companies usually strive to hire young adults who have graduated from high school with their diplomas and are over the age of eighteen years old. You must also have a valid driver’s license. It is optional for you to obtain a commercial’s drivers license if you think you may want to learn how to drive the moving van. There is always on-the-job training that is provided upon being hired that lasts from a few days up to a week.


Salaries in the moving field depend on the types of moves the company does. The lowest a mover could make in a year is around nineteen thousand dollars, while the highest usually comes in around forty-five thousand dollars. The great thing about working for a moving company is that a lot of people will hand out tips for your hard work, which can really add up after a few moves to a substantial amount of cash in your pockets.

With any job, there are pros and cons. Working for a moving company can enhance your customer service skills, build up your physical endurance, give you an appreciation for working on a team, and increase your organizational skills. If you enjoy helping people, working both indoors and outdoors, and being on your feet for every moment of your shift, then working for a moving company may be just the right fit for you.

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